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tem Code: RXSOL-16-3013-025
This is a multipurpose product specialy formulated to remove grime, dirt, and oily deposits from concrete, steel, and wooden decks.
•Ideal for deck and concrete preparation and maintenance
•Cleans and degreases decks, concrete and more
•Non-toxic, biodegradable
After USING this product , For BRIGHTNING of FLOOR use DECK BRIGHTNER RXSOL-13-1015-020 (
Other Valuable Product
Floor Brightner not only protects and extends the life of floors but also provides a safe high gloss finish which is easy to maintain and resistant to scuffing.part no:RXSOL-13-1015-020
2)Acid Cleaner-I
part no: RXSOL-13-1036-005
3)Dish Wash Gel (Bio)-
It is high quality biodegradable ultra concentrate gel for dish washing.part no:RXSOL-15-1559-500
4)Dish Wash 25 Ltr-
Highly concentrated, neutral liquid detergent, golden yellow in colour, with a floral fragrance. It is very active and when diluted as recommended, is suitable for all manual cleaning and dishwashing, in household and institutional applications.part no:RXSOL-15-3007-025
5)Liquid Detergent (Use for Cleaning Dish ,Utensils and Glassware)-
Formulated to cut greasy stains in a wide range of conditions including hard water.Soft and mild on the hands.part no:RXSOL-16-1501-035
6)Dish Washing Liquid for Automatic Machine-
It is a high quality biodegradable ultra concentrate liquid detergent specially formulated for automatic dishwashing machine.part no:RXSOL-15-1660-010
7)Dish Washing Liquid Antibactrial-
Dish Washing Liquid Antibactrial is a powerful 2 in 1 economical superior quality product.part no:RXSOL-15-1642-005
8)Dish Wash Additive-
part no:RXSOL-15-3021-005
9)Dish Wash L.Foam Antibacterial-
Dish Wash HD Antibacterial is a powerful 2 in 1 ultra concentrated superior quality product.part no:RXSOL-15-1651-005
10)Glass Cleaner 500 ml-
part no:RXSOL-15-1106-001
11)Kitchen Cleaner-

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