Why Takeaways Have Become Popular In The Food Industry

Published: 02/09/2016

Like in every other chore, time, effort and convenience plays a vital role in the food choices of today's consumer across the globe. Though it’s a trend that began in the west consumers need for convenience foods is slowing making its footprints in India. If you look around carefully, you would see the mushrooming growth of microwave dinners, take-away meals, drive-thru windows, home delivery for groceries and Internet shopping have shown the significance in ascertaining food choices.

With women joining the workforce, it’s getting more difficult for them to juggle between the kitchen, family and office. It’s not only about the women who go out to work there are also work-from-home women who don’t have much time to sweat it out in the kitchen these days. The leisure time, they wish to spend it with their family. This is could be one of the reasons why many fast food and take-away joints are sprouting up in the vicinity.

Today, a good, healthy and nutritious meal is only a phone call away. Fortunately, there a food take-away counters that serve homely food at reasonable rates. Now, you don't need to spend a huge sum of money for that is healthy and filling.

Nowadays, we are exposed to world cuisine as well as cuisine from all parts of India. There are many takeaways that serve world as well as Indian cuisine. They take the best of ingredients, employ the best chefs to make and present the dish in attractive and reusable food containers.

Reasons for choosing take-away meals
• Hygienic, healthy, nutritious and tasty fare
• Possess both quality and quantity
• Wide range of culinary choices
• Serve food fast, so the customer doesn’t have to wait for long
• Use authentic ingredients and techniques of cooking
• Quick home delivery
• Environment friendly as no food is wasted.Microwavable and reusable food containers are used that allow the customers to store the leftovers and then later reheat it.
• Offer outdoor catering in organized and economical manner
• World class level of hospitality offered
• Follow industry quality standards and regulations

A prominent food takeaway joint in Pune that is gaining popularity is Beyond 360 degrees. The business hours are from 11 AM to 11 PM. One can browse through the site, register with them and check out their menu.

The food is designed and prepared under the guidance of Chef Anand. The food is not just sumptuous but also reasonably priced keeping mind the office-goers and regular travellers. The quantity is more than enough. The takeaway boxes are designed to hold the food and the accompaniments. These can be reused too.

Think of food Think Beyond 360 degrees

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Why Takeaways Have Become Popular In The Food Industry