Types of Social Media Content That Will Help You Boost Your Engagements

Published: 07/30/2019 by Abhishek Patel

We are in an era where social media is ruling over the globe and helping one to find their way towards the good future. There are over 3.4 billion active social media users and the rate of active user is increasing day by day. From every small work to most complicated work is now being done on social media and people are getting involved and have started taking interest in each and every field because knowing the current trends and situation has become way more easier than it used to be.

Many people who starts their business on social media thinks that itís very easy to get traffic on their website or page. They start posting the things they feel right, and when they donít get traffic from the social media platforms they feel like they are failing in their business. If you have your company, store or website and youíre trying to do social media marketing on your own, there are some intensive strategies you should apply which can help you grow your business.

Want to know what can help you boost your social media content?
Here we have mentioned the main types of social media content that will help you fetch engagements in more amount.

1. Customers content
Customer content can be taken in many forms in the case of social media marketing. Your customer content should be that strong that it depicts that customer is enjoying your product or the content you are delivering.

For example if you are checking out some good restaurant in your city than you will refer to the customers review first and then you will decide whether you should go there or not. Same procedure is in every business.

Taking customer review is not that panicking task you just have to take the honest reviews from your customers by asking them to give review for your product after using it or you can also generate a survey that can help you get more number of reviews for your online business. Customer content helps one to build trust with the products and the content you deliver. Keep in mind that your customer will always review about their first-hand experience so always provide the good and original product.

2. Memes
Meme is a one form of content which can be considered as the most popular form of expression in social media. Meme is the kind of content that goes hand-in-hand in any of the social media platform and the concise nature of meme can be used as one best medium for quick consumption.
Meme is something that people can relate with themselves, we can also say that itís like an inside joke that everyone can relate.

If you make memes then you should keep this in note that your memes should reflect the current trends and events that are taking place. It is a representation of an idea that everyone loves to read just because it is relatable to their personal life.

3. Datejacking
Datejacking is totally new concept when it comes to social media marketing which was developed by BowlerHat in which you can push your brand into the current news going on. Datejacking is all about planning and creating a content that can be related with the current stories going on.

You will be able to understand it in much better way with this example. Amul is the one major dairy company which is exporting their dairy products majorly in all countries of Asia and have become one of the leading company of India. In their marketing sector, they have always continued one thing. They always create different doodled picture where they relate their product with all the situations that takes place in world or country. They donít need to do marketing anymore but still they continue that thing because at some point they know that people takes interest in the current situations and it is always better to provide the content that people like to see which can help them grow their business in a wide range.

Thus Datejacking is the same thing! Simply make a plan and provide most astonishing and different content with all the necessary things that are being used such as hash tags, or attractive images to make your content more beautiful and boost your engagement on social media everyday.

4. Contests
Contest in your social media profile can work wonders if you want to increase your social media engagements. You can keep contest and you just have to provide your customers some offer and the main benefit of doing contest is you can cover large amount of public towards your profile because people talk and they do share these things and they like to take parts in such things and even if they donít win the contest, they will 100% take interest in your product and service you provide after that.

You can keep some Q&A rounds, games, ask them about their need in stories where you have to keep a story or post about ď ask us anythingĒ and you have to provide the answers that they need. This is even helpful for all the blogger to get ideas for their blog as it is obvious thing that answering your audience questions will ultimately help you provide further value for yourself and your business.

5. Visual content
More than reading things people like to watch and you might also know that if you watch something from your naked eyes, you can remember that incident or the things that you saw but if you read them it obviously takes time plus there is large number of public who donít even know how to read properly. Thus to make your product reach to whole crowd you have to create video or share the pictures on your profile and advertise them according to your need.

But even if one does not have that much money, they can gain huge amount of engagements just by sharing a videos because from that people will be able to know what you are doing and it will help them understand the value of your product and which way that can help them.

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Types of Social Media Content That Will Help You Boost Your Engagements