The B-Bar, New Delhi

Published: 03/12/2013

Raymond Visanís had a vision of creating a place where he could give patro an experience enhanced by Asian exotic charms.

In 1996, the first Buddha Bar opened in Paris in fulfillment of Raymond Visanís vision. Since then, it has created a worldwide following. One can have the same experience at various cities across the globe like London, Prague, Keiv, Dubai, Manila, Monte Carlo and Budapest.

Today, Buddha Bar is acclaimed globally for its signature Asian fusion cuisine. It has also been credited for creating a distinctive lounge and fusion sound that has spawned a following the world over.

In India, Buddha Bar has been re-branded as b-bar. At b-bar Delhi, you will experience the same sublime Far-Eastern elegance and style blended with a dreamy atmosphere reverberating with exciting beats and sensuous sounds.

With b-bar now in Delhi, the city finally has a Lounge, Restaurant and a Bar where one can enjoy a world-class smart casual dining experience.

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