How to know if your SEO Campaign is Successful

Published: 07/30/2019 by Abhishek Patel

Here we have listed some aspects which will help you to know how effective your SEO campaign is.

Observe the quality of your traffic
After posting your content, you might observe a sudden increase in traffic which may seem like an overwhelming news for you, but when you take a closer look to it, you will be able to understand that the high traffic in your website is pertinent because of your offering, which is nothing good!

One should accept the fact that the SEO tactics do attract the traffics having no pertinence, as with this you should understand that these people are not going to stay long on your site for longer period of time. You should always consider the rate of traffic leaving because it is always higher after once they had landed on your website. It doesn’t mean that you’ll need any SEO expert or any agency to know the quality of your traffic. It is all on you, after posting the content you should observe what kind of content do your audience prefer more and with that you can also learn how to improvise your content with different tactics. Keep a record of your visitors and with which rate they are coming & going, also observe the engagement because more the number of engagement, more traffic will be attracted to your site. Thus start applying this SEO tactics and start observing because at the end what you expect is a fruitful amount of customer who will help you keep the consistency in your business.

Keep the check on Spam Score
You must think that how can spam score affect your website. Well if you’re thinking that then sorry because the spam score affect your website’s domain authority drastically. Your spam score shows how much trustworthy your website is currently. Spam score is divided in 17 unique factors called “spam flags”.

Normally Spam Analysis is used for checking for the spammy links in your website, evaluating all the potential links, cleaning up links. Your spam score gradually increases if your website has many inbound links from website that has less authority. If you try to link your website with the other website with higher spam score, you’re putting your backlink portfolio of your website at risk.

It is also recommended that if you are having high spam score than you should work on lowering it. If you want to maintain your spam score than you can find it and eliminate all the useless inbound links accordingly. As bad links can easily undermine your website authority.

Thus you should always keep a clear sight on the spam score of your website.

Consider the key metrics
Here we are looking basically at the metrics such as the number that is affecting your SEO campaign drastically.

In SEO Keyword ranking is the one key metric that all the newcomers usually start with because it is one best tactic which can help increase the momentum in search engines but it does not cover the whole package. Keeping a continuous tab on keyword is necessary because it affect your website ranking in many ways. Another tactic in SEO is generating Inbound links i.e. watching continuously for new links and evaluate your website profile continuously. If more number of linking’s are being observed means your website is worth linking for them.

Referral traffic and Organic traffic is the part of key metrics which should also be kept in notice. Referral traffic is powerful indicator of how strong your off-site content is what improvement is needed to be done in it. Where Observation of organic traffic refers to the amount of people who have visited your site after finding it on the search engine. It is way better than keyword ranking because it provides you the detailed data of increase and decrease in visibility of your site.

Check on your Backlinks
Backlinks are the one main tactic of SEO campaign where the links are directly diverted towards your website which helps in building a good rank on search engine. Google gives more credits to the websites that consist of large number of backlinks and consider them more relevant on search engine. Having the inbound links is not the only thing that is necessary but having the quality link is more important. As you should keep in mind that content of the website with which you have created inbound link should be relevant and good for your website. It will help you determine the quality of the links such as if your website is all about Home automation than linking it to any pharmaceutical company website is useless.

Thus being an SEO having the quality backlink will ultimately result you by attracting visitors to your website.

So is your SEO campaign working?

By following the above mentioned aspects you will be able to look closely to your website and with this you will need to put your full efforts, time and adjust with the result you get then look forward to improve in each step. Being an SEO you should also be good with your SEO tactics and we believe that for becoming a good SEO, one needs proper direction and help. Thus we are always here to help you find progress in you so what are you waiting for. Start working on the SEO tactics and earn the good ranking on search engine!

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How to know if your SEO Campaign is Successful