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Published: 07/30/2019 by Abhishek Patel

What is Remarketing?
Remarketing simply means to follow up those who have shown their interest in a companyís products by visiting there. Since it is done digitally one canít directly contact the prospects unless they have left their contact details. In most cases, people just search the items they want to buy on various sites and channels and it would be sensible to do something in order to make them convinced to go for your products. There begins the role of remarketing. Itís easy to locate a user these days just because we can go through the analytical chart on any platform available.

The difference between remarketing and retargeting
Retargeting is again a way of marketing, but itís different from remarketing as the ads are totally based on targeting the prospects as they reach those who have shown a great interest in your products. It is necessary because the conversion ratio on direct site visit is too low, say just 2 to 3 %, whereas after retargeting the conversion chances grow rapidly as you are targeting those only who have earlier shown interest in your products. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to retarget the prospects in order to get converted. It goes without saying that public memory is too poor and if they donít come across what they have experienced they are very much likely to forget and it is possible that they will begin to look for some other option. Retargeting, hence, is a vital part of marketing and adverting.

Remarketing Ads
Remarketing ads are an inevitable part of remarketing as without which it wonít have any impact on the visitors. This is what keeps hammering people to get familiar with the products and compel them to use and reuse the products. Companies like Colgate and Harpic never get tired of remarketing ads. We sometimes wonder why the hell they advertise as we think that all know about that product and then whatís the use of advertising, but this is what matters a lot as thatís how they become a household name and one can hardly resist the brands one has been hearing since the day they were born.

A display is something that appears on a site or a channel that binds a visitor to have a look. A display is a feature that compels a visitor to have a glance at it often resulting in assurance and reliability. These days people canít avoid it as whatever you do it contains ads. A display is one of the best features of remarketing.

In the 21st century almost all people use internet with 4G speed or wi-fi and countless videos these days appear and begin to stream while they are scrolling their phones or browsing their PCís. A video has a greater impact on the minds of the users as they have a clearer understanding of what they are watching. There are instances where it has been found that if a video is worth watching people play and replay it and they are likely to share the same with their friends and family.

Follow-Up Searches
Follow Ė up searches are meant to search those who have shown interest in your products and they aim at getting them converted by renewing their offers in order to convince. Once the prospects are clear it is easy to explain your product features and benefits to them.

Types of remarketing
There are many types of remarketing. Some of them are as follows:

Standard Remarketing
Standard remarketing has been in use for years and it has been beneficial as you can easily reach those who have visited your website in order to get product details and prices. Standard marketing is meant to have a positive result and conversion just because you can know who visited your sites and what their purpose is and accordingly you can push your products to them in order to convert.

Customer List Remarketing
Customer list remarketing is important as we can exactly respond to those who have visited our sites and have left their email idís and you can send them desired objects with details that include product features and benefits and prices.

Video Remarketing
This will help you to retarget your prospects as you know what your prospects want. This is important as you can send or circulate your concerened videos on a concerened platform.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)
This feature helps you customize your search ad campaign for the people who have previously visited your site. Hence it can be calculated how and where to target the prospects leading the same to possible conversion.

Dynamic Remarketing
Dynamic Remarketing is a bit better than standard remarketing as it has more technological features comparatively a web designer for the same must be highly skilled as the programs required in this feature has the capacity to convert a visitor in a simpler way because this feature is supposed to highlight time and again what was searched on a search engine. For example, if a visitor is searching a phone and they leave the page, in that case, this feature will keep showing them best prices and offers that might be renewed and better than the ones which were during their previous visit.

Benefits of remarketing
Remarketing is quite different from normal marketing just because it is designed to target those who have already searched something on a search engine or website, not all.

Relevant targeting
Relevant targeting is bound to convert as we are trying to sell food to the hungry. In normal marketing, we hardly ever know who are actually interested in buying a product, but in remarketing it is the ones who have shown interest in the products by visiting them and leaving their emails or contact details. This feature lets you know who exactly relate to the products and not the ones who have nothing to do with it.

Improve brand recall
Remarketing improves brand recall by its intermittent advertising. This feature doesnít let people forget about the product features and benefits. Itís a human tendency that if someone sees the same ad, again and again, they are likely to have greater reliability. For example, coke is a product which is recognized by all the planet dwellers and when it comes to buying a drink people tend to buy it.

This feature helps you to know what sort of emails you can send to your prospective customers eventually resulting in higher conversion in future. Without this feature, there will be difficulty in collecting data, without which it wonít be possible to trace prospective customers. Strengthens all channels

Remarketing strengthens all channels.
People these are much busier than ever before and in this situation, it is very necessary to corner them on all possible platforms or else they can easily forget about the brand and the products being targeted by the company.

Small budgets go a long way
In any business, budgets matter a lot. So far as remarketing is concerened it doesnít need as much budget as traditional marketing requires. Most of the platforms are within the access of people these days and there are many means such as Facebook pages, YouTube channels, etc. Where one can create a Page or open a channel of their own for no cost. Of course, they need to be boosted, but one can redirect their resources as per their response and conversion ratio.

Conversion and ROI potential
It wonít be exaggerating to say that conversion potential is so high in remarketing comparatively as only the interested parties are targeted in it. If we really want to buy something and we are followed up properly we are very much likely to get converted. Remarketing is a step ahead of normal marketing.

How to Implement Remarketing
There are certain tools to implement remarketing. Some are paid and some are free. The tools mentioned below are free.

Using Google Tag manager
Google Tag Manager is a tool which is user-friendly with a good web-based interface which simplifies the process of working with multiple tags at the same time. It can be used to edit, add or disable tags without touching any source code of the website. The limitation of the Google Tag Managers is not over yet. The tags also work well with Google services like Adwords or Analytics. These tags can be used to manage many other third-party tags which also include other platforms. Google Tag Manager does the whole process of tagging much easier. One can embed code to oneís site pages once and every time one creates any new tag. Google Tag Manager has a much-defined way to input the code making most of the task easy with a defined and clean output.

Using Google Analytics
This feature allows you to analyze your visitors who they are, from where they are and where your focus must be in your future venture. If analysis gives you an insight that most of the visitors are from a certain part of the planet you can easily target them for your future businesses. This is one of the best features of Google as on date and the same can be used on mobile phones.

Using a new Google AdWords Remarketing tag
Last but not least. This is the feature that enables your ads to be circulated by Google only and you must be aware of its latest version as it is likely to have more beneficial features. You can not imagine your ads without this feature.

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