Before Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal – Ask yourself some questions

Published: 08/01/2019 by Kishor Rathod

This is a written experience of a Yoga teacher who wanted to become Yoga Teacher for quite some time & did a screening process before she decided to do her Yoga Teacher training in Nepal.
Now I’m officially a yoga teacher. But what is that?

This all started a few months back when I decided that I will do my Yoga Teacher Training from Nepal and paid my fees to Vedic Yoga Academy.
The questions that I bothered to ask myself
I will start from the start. I am doing this for the sake of those students who want to do thier Yoga teacher Training in Nepal. I asked myself hard questions like, “Am I willing to put my body through mild forms of torture for 28 days?” “Am I that into yoga?” “Do I plan on teaching?” “Do I value myself practice enough to pay upwards of $2,000-$4,000 to improve it?”

The questions were all practical and were asking me to weigh my wish against the commitment. To tell you the truth, I submitted my upfront $200 deposit with my school first and then all these questions started to bother me.

Ask yourself - What? Which? When?
Okay, so I decided to pursue the yoga teacher training. But before I actioned my decision, I figured out the type of yoga I wanted to do, the school from which I wanted to gain Yoga Knowledge, and scheduling that was right for me.
I aksed myself What type of yoga I enjoyed and valued most? What information I would like to pass on to others, once I am a Yoga Teacher?
For me, this was simple, I absolutely love vinyasa flow yoga, which also falls under the ashtanga title. Basically it means linking the body movements with the flow of one’s breath. It’s fluid and beautiful and it’s the right type of yoga for me so there was no question that I would pursue a school specializing in ashtanga/vinyasa.
Then I did a bit of Google Search on ‘Yoga teacher Training Nepal’ and zeroed doen on some schools. I looked into the curriculum and paid great time to study the yoga teachers just to see who inspired me?
I knew I wanted to learn from people who lived a yoga lifestyle every single minute of their life and just not anyone who have the knowledge of asanas & practice them.
I asked myself, from where Yoga originated and that gave me the answer for the Yoga School. For me it was necessary that my yoga teachers should be of Indian decent, the birthplace of yoga. Also, I wanted an authentic eastern experience so that the yoga I was being taught was as close to the source and truth as possible.
All the above lead me to a single school – Vedic Yoga Academy and because of my per planning, I ended up doing my Yoga teacher training in Nepal from a great school.
Hopefully, you would ask yourself similar kind of questions and zero in on a great school for your Yoga teacher Training.

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