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Published: 07/30/2019 by Abhishek Patel

n professional life, there are primarily two kinds of folks around the globe. First, who desires a powerful package of wages and don’t wish to come out from the “Rat Race”… &; Second, that has some big ambition and don’t want to settle into 9 to 5 job. They’re seeking for some big achievements in business but when in regards to marketing they feel some reluctance due to insufficient financial backup or can’t manage too much to put money into their marketing department. However, Marketing plays a vital role in boosting the business and fulfill their mission of an organization. Thus, for the sake of business expansion & brand awareness, one shouldn’t bypass the marketing approaches. Before about half of a century past, the INTERNET term didn’t exist in this world. Hence, the Marketing division had disgraced as a large portion of the fund. Nevertheless, it has some serious issues like; can’t monitor the data of conversion, can’t do re-branding or re-targeting, can’t conduct niche targeting and a lot more. But, today we all know that people are so much obsessed with the internet world. And today you’ll be able to control your business growth from Internet Marketing without all the loops & holes that occur in traditional advertising and marketing strategies. So, how much benefit is it? Well, you may even exceed your “world-class competitors” via great Internet marketing strategies. I’m not kidding! You might be aware of the world’s richest person of 2018; “Jeff Bezos” founder of “Amazon- world’s largest E-commerce website.” Almost half an aged online established E-commerce company has the strength to cut down the world’s big giant “Walmart”. I believe now you’ve got some idea about how broad Internet Marketing is. It is possible to expand your business worldwide without worrying about coping with the great financial loss. Before we leap to the methods of internet marketing, let’s calibrate some differences between Internet Marketing VS other Marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Traditional Marketing
Track the detailed data of customer reach, engagement, interaction & everything so easily(easy analytics)


Reach your customer at all over the world


changes in campaign strategies at any time


Audience can decide how they want to receive your content


niche targeting


Can do branding & advertising in budget


re-targeting & re-marketing






I think you’re so much curious about how to grow business online. Do not worry! We’re here in order to serve you well in Internet Marketing services. GreenCodeDigital provides their best internet marketing services. Get your free website audit now! Now, let’s jump into the 7 ultimate ways you need to conscious of to grow up your business online through Internet Marketing.

1. Local Business Listing
Local Business Listing

If you are running a business locally or have your
service center or any local branch in particular place then local business listing allows you to generate sales, leads, conversions & whatever you call. List your business first at Google my Business, Yahoo Small Business, Apple maps for IOS users & Bing Places for Business. Then after you should

Simply search in google for “top 50 business listing websites in <your country>” and
Search for your “transactional keywords” and jump up to 5 pages of Search Engines and find your business related classified, directory and other business listing sites. Transactional Keywords signifies “Search Queries” that are typed by your customers in Google or other Search Engines.
You can list your business on other than that. But keep in mind, you must not list your business at spammy business-listing sites. Ensure that you list your business at an authentic & respected site.

2. SEO
Search Engine Optimization - GreenCodeDigital

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best & inexpensive way to cultivate your business online. SEO is the set of framework followed by the website owner to optimize their site at the top of search page. It plays with a 60-70% role in your online business growth. Again, it depends on business to business! Search Engines play a mediocre role between customer & vendor in the online world. Search Engines identifies the most relevant results from evaluating certain parameters & algorithms. The intriguing thing is that you can sell anything! Even information or can say content! There are primarily 3 Search Engines used by people across the globe which are Google, Bing & Yahoo, respectively. However, when it comes to Search Engines, Google is most preferred & used by approx. 90% of people in the majority of the countries (Except China, Russia, etc.) It is the most trustable & dependable Search Engine and that’s why it drives around”4 BILLION Searches daily” worldwide. Though, it has 3 categories of search queries- informational, navigational & transactional. The majority of the (nearly 50%-70%) search queries derive from Informational & navigational. But, you’ve still 30-40% audience! That’s already too much! You can now imagine how beneficial it is for your business. E.g.. In case you have mobile stores around the nation (let’s say India). Someone search about “mobile shops in Vadodara” & when your shop is situated in that city then it is a fantastic chance for you if you have optimized your site for Search Engines.

Social Media Marketing Feedback - GreenCodeDigital

Nowadays the majority of the people are searching for your business at least once. So, why do you let this opportunity go! Do SEO of your website & increase your business growth up to 10 times, 100 times, 1000 times and even 1M times!!!!

3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search Engine Marketing - GreenCodeDigital

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is also the perfect approach to generate sales from online. As per above, SEO is the method to earn traffic by performing some certain frameworks & optimizations of Search Engine. Contrary to the SEO, you can even buy traffic through promotional & Paid Advertising on search engines. This method is referred to as SEM. Also unlike traditional advertising and marketing approaches, SEM lets you perform Niche targeting such as demographics (age, income, location, etc.), interest-based, targeting to a specific website audience and all kind of targeting. Additionally, it provides analytics and reporting capability, i.e., it is possible to track all of the data such as CTR, bounce rates, conversions, etc., which likewise not possible in traditional marketing strategies. These are the methods you can think about in SEM.

Display Ad
Shopping Ad
Video Ad
Universal App Ad
Social Media Advertising
Email Marketing
SEM is the broad subject & also as precious as SEO. A one can certainly create a profitable business with SEM instead of paying too high on banners & hoardings!

4. PPC
Pay Per Click - GreenCodeDigital

Though PPC is also the component of SEM, I have pointed out as a distinct method as it’s a part of SERP (Search Engine Result Page). SERP is nothing but Search pages for what you’ve searched for (in Search Engine). You will find tons of results Search Engine finds for you and that’s why it distributes results as page wise in accordance with their algorithms and optimizations. E.g. 1st SERP means a 1st page of what you’ve searched for. It’s possible to run PPC ads on most of the Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.. If you have a too many competitors or your competitor’s positioning is too strong in SEO or any reasons for not to rank on 1st SERP then it is the most efficient method for customer acquisition. Most of the folks don’t notice whether it’s Ad or organic search term. You can represent your website inorganically through advertisements at SERP. You can run PPC Ads through “Google Ads” on Google. PPC Ads are mainly designed for sales, conversion, lead & customer acquisitions and consequently, they run onto CPC (Cost per Click) bidding method. I.e., you have to pay for per click. Normally, individuals use PPC just for transactional search terms. Obviously, who will pay for providing content on informational queries? (Even, people don’t want to provide you knowledge without any profit).

PPC Ads & Shopping Ads - GreenCodeDigital

Additionally, you’ve also another option that’s called shopping ads. Shopping ads also part of SERP and mostly used by e-commerce websites. The majority of the individuals do prefer PPC because of relatively low cost.

5. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Social Media Marketing - GreenCodeDigital

Social media marketing (SMM) is a part of Internet Marketing and also inter-connected little bit into SEO. Social networking sites are the place where people do like to share their personal activities, thoughts & also like to interact with the social community, commodities along with other topics. Social networking platforms are too much helpful to perform lots of tasks for business growth. Everyone can utilize social media websites as a marketing tool. The main intention of SMM will be to produce content that users can interact and engage more & share with their social media network which eventually helps a company increase brand exposure and extend customer reach. One of the most significant components of SMM is Social Media Optimization (SMO). Much like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SMO is a strategy for attracting new customers to a site.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ (which will shut down soon!), Tumblr. These platforms are considered great marketing. Social Media Marketing helps the company to receive direct feedback from customers. Let’s understand from a good example.

Customer Feedback - GreenCodeDigital

And if your product or service isn’t that much famous or eye-catchy or demanded then you can also reach your customers through Social Media influencers, Affiliate marketing, and many other procedures. To sum up all, SMM is principally concentrated on 4 purposes:

Interaction in B2C,
Feedback & suggestions,

6. Email Marketing/Advertising
Email Marketing - GreenCodeDigital

Email Marketing is also a component of SEM. It’s just like as direct email. The process is merely simple. When customers visit your website and provide you their info including email via filling the form. And then you will verify their email id. And that’s it. You have got data from consumers. And you know what, data is everything! It is possible to re-target the customers & re-market your products and services. Now, you can retarget through email marketing & run Ads!

Re-marketing Strategies - GreenCodeDigital

Email Marketing can be used to sustain relationships with potential clients or customers. It allows businesses to keep their customers informed and stay updated with all latest offers, deals, upcoming events, updates, achievements and all about your business. Email Marketing can be personalized Particular groups of customers can be targeted or even individuals. Offering individual customer special discounts on products or services on the customer’s special day, e.g., it is possible to give 50% off on table reservation at your restaurant on the anniversary day of your customer. Email marketing helps a business develop and keep up a relationship with customers over time that increases in sales and customer loyalty. I will suggest you to create your own email list rather than buying email lists. It also leads the lowest cost for Advertising when compared with all types of advertising. Moreover, it’s too simple to set up and monitor an Email marketing campaign. Email marketing can substantially increase your earnings if you run it properly.

7. Content Marketing
Content Marketing - GreenCodeDigital

Last but not least, content marketing is one of the crucial marketing techniques that can also help you with Branding. Content marketing is the promotional strategies focused on generating and providing valuable, relevant, and updated articles to attract and retain a targeted audience that causes to profitable consumer actions. Many big giants like entrepreneur.com, Forbes, Microsoft, P&G, etc. are utilizing content marketing as a marketing strategy. Additionally, it is used by local business operators because it works. Let’s understand how content triggers more sells. Think about your own smartphones manufacturing company. your competitors are big giants such as Samsung, apple, etc. assume you’re providing a better smartphone with greater specifications but due to your competitor positioning customers aren’t bringing at your product. What will you do now? In this circumstance, content marketing with promotional tactics can help you. You will need to create content or hire somebody who is highly educated} & trusted by folks and post articles or create videos concerning “specification comparison between” competition VS your product. Now, I think you have some idea about how content marketing helps you in promoting & branding & why it’s crucial.

Final Verdict
This is the comprehensive list of methods to cultivate your business on the internet}. All of these techniques have been implemented on each and every successful business. If you will implement these techniques properly then I bet you that you may create a monopoly in your industry and even overtake big names!

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