7 Reasons Why Future Of Digital Marketing Will Vividly Grow In India

Published: 07/30/2019 by Abhishek Patel

Recently the Digital Marketing played a huge role in the Election campaign of India in 2019 and not just in India but if any major move is taken in any country, Digital Marketing playís the an important role in it because mobile phone has become the basic need for everyone and thus if any move is taken in any country, one can reach to each and every person just by the few click.

If this is the current status of Digital Marketing in India then we can imagine what our future will be!
Letís take a look at reasons why the future of Digital Marketing is bright.

1. Helps every kind of business to grow
The ratio of small and medium scale business is way more than large scale business. Thus it becomes tough for each and every small scale business and medium scale business to grow without pocket full of money.
But now everyone is either intensifying their existing marketing procedure with the digital methods or changing their way of transferring into digital one which made it easy for customers to reach to any products they need easily without facing any trouble.

We can see that there are many people who have now started selling their products online who use to sell it in local stores because they know that now the crowd like to go through the stuff online rather than going at the store.

2. Extreme change in traditional marketing
Forms of traditional marketing includes all the physical ways that can help you make people aware of what you are selling. These physical ways can be advertising in the banners, newspapers, television, telephone sales, direct mail, radio etc. Although itís true that these methods of marketing has been very successful over the past years and still they are.

But now with the change in trend, internet usage is increasing day by day and with that people are being aware of each and everything going in the world and now every business is focusing more on Digital Marketing more than traditional marketing because it helps one to save a huge amount of time, help one to maintain the costing properly with all the details, customization can be done easily and place good pricing options anytime.

3. Massive use of social media by customers
We all know that the social is the one platform now that not only connects people in whole world but serves best for Digital Marketing because almost all people nowadays are active on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Tumblr and many others that helps you to market and increase your branding and sales.

You can get the benefit of getting higher engagement rates by providing people the quality content for getting entertained and updating themselves. Thus it becomes an important responsibility of digital marketer to generate a quality content that engages the audience.

We can take an example of Swiggy, zomato and UberEats. They always keep their audience engaged by posting creative content on Instagram and Facebook page and by throwing various offers and coupons. Their page is just about the food but they make their page and content so astonishing that no one can pass through it without hitting the like button.

4. Prospects reacting from their area of work
If your capacity and credibility is enough with regards to Digital Marketing then prospects and leads will be able to trust on you, and you will have all social conformation for accessing and analyzing your leads. This will help you build your business with stronger strategies.

5. Cost efficient
When we compare Digital Marketing with our marketing platforms then it is one of the most affordable media to promote and sell the product. Where in the past, people used to run after the different ways and techniques to promote their product in traditional marketing and used to empty the pockets by giving away huge amount of money for the promotion of their product.

If you are running a local store and if you are looking to make your product reach to thousands of people at a time, then it is possible!

Creating an ad or promoting your post on Instagram or Facebook will hardly cost you at max Rs. 50 per day, which is nothing if we compare it with the techniques of traditional marketing. Plus the benefit over the digital marketing is that, you can analyze that to how many number of people have engaged and reached to your post and out of them how many has showed interest in your product.

6. Increase in market revenue due to digital classifieds
It is the prediction that in financial year of 2020, the revenue generating from digital classifieds will be around Rs. 23 billion. Digital Marketing has played an immense role and brought a drastic change in whole country after year 2015 and it will surely come up with the new phase till 2020.

7. Digital Marketing courses are provided in institutes
Nowadays many institutions are providing degree course in Digital Marketing which is delivered with the practical approach. These courses are online and residential both and any person belonging to any age group above 12 can learn it and make it helpful for themselves.

Even there are many other colleges who are coming up with a curriculum that includes the subject of Digital Marketing. This helps our new generation develop on their own such that they donít have to take help from others and donít have to spend money from their pockets for marketing.


Enhancing your business can be a bit flinty if you go with the normal marketing techniques but with the help of Digital Marketing you can carry out the best results out of your business with the extra benefit of time saving and costings. This will help you boost your business by attracting more customers from different platforms which will ultimately help you make the wall of your business stronger and unbreakable.

If our present is running on this rate with the help of Digital Marketing then you can imagine what will be the future.

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7 Reasons Why Future Of Digital Marketing Will Vividly Grow In India