Wardrobes by HomeCreed- A Class Apart

Published: 12/20/2016

HomeCreed is an online wardrobe company started by HOLZ, a quality residential furniture company, that has been in business since 1989. HomeCreed intends to offer people quality wardrobes,made with durable materials and German hardware. They have a wide mix of different modules, with varied internal features, to cater to all kinds of needs. Their wardrobes are easy to use,long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, elegant, and will give users years of satisfaction.

HomeCreed has two programmes – Quickship and Custom Design.

In Quickship, HomeCreed takes the guesswork out of designing for your storage needs. This programme includes a variety of design options, that have been developed with the sensibility that comes with years of experience.These designs are well-thought out, practical, and suitable to everyone, in some configuration or another. They address an assortment of needs – from that of the young to the old, male or female, child or adult. Their modules are sized and planned to suit every space and need. With Quickship, the modules are standard, and so are the colours and hardware. The waiting period for your wardrobes is a short seven days, from the day of your order confirmation.

HomeCreed is unique in that apart from offering seven days’ delivery on standard modules, it also has a Custom Design section, using which, one can design wardrobes based on personal design choices, individual sizes, wardrobe heights, internal and external finishes, hardware, accessories etc. Once these options are considered, the possible combinations are practically endless!The Custom Design format is designed to help users move through every step, with clear guidelines, to help make the right choices,and arrive at the most suitable product for their needs. This format incorporates detailed information on every design aspect; module options suggested, based on customer space;and a lot of internal options, to suit every need. Along with the ease of it all, Custom Design enables personalising the wardrobes through a wide choice of colours for the inside as well as the outside, and accessorising with handles, locks, lights etc. The rich feel from the finishes will add to the beauty and grace of your wardrobe. Should you want depth, a striking look, and the practicality of a full-length view, you also have the choice of using mirrors on the outside. Also on offer are velvet-lined drawer bottoms, to help preserve your valuables and provide an elegant and pampered look and feel.

HomeCreed, through its Design Smart guide, recommends storage solutions for the differing needs of men, women, and kids. For men who need to store business suits, pants,and shirts;for women who need to store sarees, Indian suits, westerns,and stacked clothing; and finally, for kids, whose storage needs will change as quickly as their height, HomeCreed has it all! Their Design Smart guide will help you make intelligent choices, when ordering with HomeCreed.

HomeCreed undertakes great effort to provide durable products and a trouble-free service. It is with this in mind that the core materials chosen are those that have great strength, better protection against moisture, and superior screw-holding. In a market crowded with various players, HomeCreed seeks to retain product focus, and build on its strength of several years of experience, through its parent company, HOLZ.

Visit www.homecreed.com to explore more about our wardrobes.

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Wardrobes by HomeCreed- A Class Apart